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Join us on a musical journey and learn Spanish along the way

Unique online music classes in English & Spanish for babies, toddlers and pre-school children.

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EnCantada Online is for early years settings and home ones too!

Whether you are a nursery practitioner, a childminder, an Early Years teacher, a parent or carer, our online sessions provide children with an immersion into English and Spanish language through music, singing, movement and play.

We introduce a wide range of vocabulary as the weeks progress, allowing children to build their confidence to incorporate another language into daily life.

EnCantada Online’s virtual weekly sessions cover a 6-7 week themed block.

Each session focuses on a different word and song from our magic bag using actions and movement to build vocabulary and make it fun.

Our themes change throughout the year allowing the experience to be relevant and varied for young learners.

Once you are signed up, you will have access to the full block of weekly session videos for the current theme, so you can always plan ahead – and revisit recent sessions.

Each weekly session includes:

Video session lasting 30-35 mins. Learning themes lasting 6-7 weeks.

Guidance notes with song lyrics, actions, an activity to try and curriculum links.

Display & teaching resources PLUS fun activity packs

*enhanced & premium package

Termly Zoom/Teams meeting with staff for briefing & review

*premium package

Our videos give practitioners, parents & carers a role to encourage participation

Music is at the heart of every session - always interactive and always bilingual.

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“Our sessions have been specifically crafted to be enjoyable, exciting and engaging for everyone, not just the children because let’s be honest, there’s only so many Incy Wincys, Wheels on the Buses and Baby Sharks we adults can handle, right?

During our sessions, we use a range of music from traditional nursery rhymes in both languages, to our very own compositions accompanied with simple actions and plenty of fun to allow every child to get the most out of the EnCantada experience.”

Jane Silmon-Monerri - Founder & Session Leader About Us

EnCantada Online offers an easy to use and enjoyable opportunity to introduce and integrate Spanish into your early years setting or home without any prior knowledge of the language, or the need to source anything else yourself.

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