La Granja - The Farm – Session 7

Session 7 / 7

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  • - Welcome ~ Bienvenido Intro & Song - 1m 39s
  • - Hello ~ Hola Song - 5m 29s
  • - Instruments ~ Instrumentos Intro - 9m 04s
  • - Loud & Soft ~ Fuerte y suave Intro & Song - 9m 47s
  • - We're going to play ~ Vamos a tocar Intro & Song - 12m 38s
  • - Instruments away! ~ ¡Guarda los instrumentos! - 16m 14s
  • - Movement ~ Movimiento - 16m 38s
  • - 1, 2, 3 Intro & Song - 17m 26s
  • - Hokey Cokey Intro & Song - 20m 05s
  • - Let's go on an adventure to the farm! ~ ¡Vamos de aventura a la granja! - 23m 43s
  • - Magic Bag ~ Bolsa Mágica - 26m 04s
  • - Kiko the Dog ~ Kiko el perro Song - 32m 09s
  • - Goodbye ~ Adíos intro & song - 36m 23s

Resources required

  • - Instruments
  • - Space for movement
  • - Something to wave about and dance with
  • - A dog teddy if you have one for your very own Kiko!
  • - Yourselves!

Join us on our musical journey and learn Spanish along the way as we sing, make music, dance and explore La Granja ~ The Farm!

Learn our focus word this session a dog ~ un perro and meet Kiko the dog ~ el perro. Kiko can’t talk English or Spanish, instead he shows us with his body how he’s feeling. So let’s sing about him together and make lots of fun actions too in our song this session, ‘Kiko the dog ~ Kiko el perro’.

Key Words & Phrases

There is no requirement at all for practitioners to be able to speak any level of Spanish to enjoy our sessions and our focus word is always accompanied with phonetic spelling.

But just to help out, here's a couple of words and phrases that will be useful to listen out for:

un perro (oon pehr-rroh)a dog
mueve (mweh-beh)(he/it) wags
feliz (feh-leeth)happy
la cola (lah koh-lah)(the) tail
curioso (koo-ree-oh-soh)curious
la cabeza (lah kah-beh-thah)(the) head
jugar (hoo-gahr)to play
ladra (lah-drah)(he/it) barks
tiene miedo (tyeh-neh myeh-doh)(he/it) is scared
levanta (leh-bahn-tah)prick/lift up
las orejas (lahs oh-reh-hahs)(the) ears
tiene calor (tyeh-neh kah-lohr)(he/it) feels warm
saca la lengua (sah-kah lah lehn-gwah)sticks out his tongue
mejor amigo (meh-hohr ah-mee-goh)best friend
doy besitos (doh-ee beh-see-tohs)I give kisses
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