El Prado - The Meadow – Session 4

Session 4 / 7

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  • - Welcome ~ Bienvenido intro and song - 1m 49s
  • - Hello ~ Hola intro & song - 5m 39s
  • - Singing with instruments intro - 10m 59s
  • - Loud & soft ~ Fuerte y suave intro & song - 11m 40s
  • - Soy la música ~ I am the music lady - 14m 33s
  • - Instruments away! ~ ¡Guarda los instrumentos! - 18m 30s
  • - Singing with actions introduction - 18m 56s
  • - Wind the bobbin up ~ Enrolla la bobbin intro & song - 19m 45s
  • - Rain rain go away! ~ ¡Lluvia vete ya! intro and song - 22m 56s
  • - Let's go on an adventure to the meadow! ~ ¡Vamos de aventura al prado! - 24m 52s
  • - Magic bag ~ Bolsa magica - 26m 14s
  • - Little Mouse ~ Pequeño Ratón song - 30m 33s
  • - Goodbye ~ Adiós intro & song - 32m 38s

Resources required

  • - Instruments
  • - Space for movement
  • - Yourselves!

Join us on our musical journey and learn Spanish along the way as make music, dance, and explore El Prado ~ The Meadow.

Learn our focus word this session ‘un ratón ~ a mouse’ and sing about one in our song ‘Little Mouse ~ Pequeño Ratón’ who lives in el prado. This is a great song for co-ordinating little hands and fingers using British Sign Language too!

Key Words & Phrases

There is no requirement at all for practitioners to be able to speak any level of Spanish to enjoy our sessions and our focus word is always accompanied with phonetic spelling.

But just to help out, here's a couple of words and phrases that will be useful to listen out for:

un ratón (oon rrah-tohn)a mouse
rodeando (rroh-deh-yahn-doh)going round and round
¿Qué vemos? (keh beh-mohs)What do we see?
un agujero (oon ah-goo-heh-roh)a hole
¿Quién vive? (kee-yehn bee-bee)Who lives?
aquí (ah-kee)here
un chillido (oon chee-yee-doh)a squeak
pequeño (peh-kehn-yoh)small
chiquitito (chee-kee-tee-toh)tiny
¿Adónde vas? (ah-dohn-deh bahs)Where are you going?
hoy (oy)today

Guidance Notes

Ratón Guidance Notes
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